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Dec 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
comes, so we're gearing up for the 50th super bowl, when the niners have it. and we did it it in 90 days, and 50,000 goes to the contra costa food bank. >> that is incredible. $50,000. so you must have motivated people to help out. >> i did a little. put a little al davis on. so we got everybody working together. >> you brought in some our guys from the former 49ers? >> i helped run the alumni for the 49ers, so it's just an athletic director, i wish. alumni director. so all the alumni guys, ronnie, keno, jesse, got all of those guys to show up to assist. >> there's $50,000. way to go eric. way to go guys. that means a ton to you larry. >> that means 100,000 peoples are going out to people in need. it was a phenomenal day. >> that's got to make you feel good. >> the key to it is, people, as you know right now, cold weathered people need blankets. the big deal is going to come when the niners host the super bowl where it's like, 3500 people attend this event. with all the talk of chefs and local restaurants in the bay area. >> go to, and you can also make a donation. >> great one,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1